This week I decided I was going to create a video for my cover version of ‘Treat you better’ by Shawn Mendes. I released the track on streaming sites including Spotify and Apple Music back in July and it has been a huge success! In only a couple of months the track has achieved more than 235,000 streams on Spotify alone!
I have been heavily researching YouTube and how to create content that is both engaging and interesting, in turn building your channel and getting new fans to hear your music. I decided that for the first time since uploading videos to YouTube I was going to trial a new way of shooting the video and aiming to keep it as minimalistic and engaging as possible. We shot the video only using two different camera angles; I must admit I was nervous when I began editing the video that it was too simplistic but so far the feedback has been exceptional so it’s given me some food for thought for my future releases!
‘Treat you better’ is one of my favourite covers to date, it was the lead single to Shawn Mendes’s second studio album entitled ‘Illuminate’. Shawn is an extremely talented artist and it’s hard to believe that he is only 18 years old! It’s interesting too that he began his career posting acoustic cover videos, he achieved great success gaining millions of views and followers in just a few months! I am passionate about my music and I hope to be a lot more active on YouTube over the next 12 months and hopefully I will gain some more great fans. I must say that my subscribers are fantastic! They always give great feedback and advice, for this video I asked them to suggest a song for me to cover next, my favourite so far is from Craig Terry who suggested James Arthur’s hit ‘Say you won’t let go’. I will have a new video next week so I look forward to sharing it with you all.