It's hard to explain how fun it is shooting a music video! I have been making my own videos on YouTube for a while now but it's been over a decade since I shot a professional video with a production team. The video for 'Get Over You' was directed by Jessica Hughes and she did a great job. It's unbelievable how much planning goes into a video, finding locations and getting actresses, actors and the crew sorted is no easy task.

Planning the story and making sure it all runs smoothly on the day is difficult. The video shoot was over 3 long days and Jess and her team worked relentlessly. I would advise any musician out there wanting to make a professional music video to search for a great director like Jessica as it really matters. Have a look through the photos below and see what goes on behind the camera. Click to enlarge any image. You can watch the final video on my Youtube channel by clicking here.