Written by Matt Johnson & Ian Markx

I’m really excited to be releasing a brand new original song; I really love making covers but nothing beats releasing your own music. My new track is called ‘Warplane’ and it’s the third single I’ve released from my debut album ‘Chaplin Road’. I have decided not to release my album in one go and instead I’m releasing one track at a time then the album is scheduled to be released at the end of the year.
I co-wrote the single with my buddy Ian Markx; Ian is a great songwriter and we’ve wrote many songs together. Ian come up with the title ‘Warplane’. What does ‘Warplane’ mean I hear some of you saying? If you can imagine people during the 1940s World War when the planes would fly over the channel to go and fight and defend the people. Imagine a person on a mountain side looking up at the planes above, all they see from the ground is the wings of the plane, their thought could be that those wings are keeping them safe, warm and free. ‘Warplane’ is being used in my track as a ‘simile’ for describing ‘Love’. Incase you need to dust up on your english literature a simile is ‘Like’ or ‘As’. Example, strong as an elephant, hot like hell…or in my case ‘Like a warplane’, ‘I will keep you safe’ like a warplane! Sometimes it’s nice to explain what the song means especially for people who english is not their first language.

Warplane Matt Johnson

The track was written a few years ago and I decided to make it in to a finished production in February 2017. The producer on this song is a guy called ‘Jay Reynolds’, he has done some amazing production work and mixes for big names such as ‘The Vamps’ and ‘Dua Lipa’ so it was fair to say I was in safe hands! I have been recording so much at home over the last couple of years so I tracked the vocals in my own studio at home which was nice, this means zero pressure and I could just take my time and get the song right! Jay did all the mixing, production and mastering. My long-term guitarist ‘Bjorn’ also played on the track, I had some real strings played by a guy called Pete Whitfield. Some extra backing vocals from my good friend Sarah, my word that girls got some vocals!!

I maybe doing an official video to the track at some point but for now I’m just releasing it on digital platforms alongside some online PR. 

If you would like to hear the track then please click this link and pick your download or streaming platform ➤ http://smarturl.it/warplaneMJ

Producer/Mixer/Programming/Mastering > Jay Reynolds
Guitars > Bjorn Woodhall
Backing Vocals > Sarah Mclellan
Strings > Pete Whitfield
Piano > Matt Johnson